Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Higher Power Horsepower.

"I stand on what I know the Lord told me to do, whether anyone believes me or not… Never was I rude. I've never cussed anybody. I did raise my voice once calling on Jesus' name.''

- Marilyn Cole, on her charges for trespassing at a Woodbridge, VA car dealership, demanding a free vehicle, 2004.

Despite previous trespassing convictions in 2003, Cole continued returning to the dealership to demand a free car because God told her to. And, according to Cole’s rationale, God’s authority is higher than man’s laws.

“`That's where I was sent ... I just go every time I'm ordered,” Cole said.

The judge in the case, though baffled, found Cole to be sane, but seemingly confused.

"I will not hesitate nor bat an eye to impose [the suspended 35 months jail time]," the judge told Cole. "I'm sure you can minister to a lot of people in jail, but if God's goal is for you to get a van, [you're not going to get a van in jail.]"

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