Monday, August 18, 2008

Petrol Prayers Answered.

“The Lord told me to put my hand on the gas gauge and talk in tongues. I started driving, and by the time I got half-way to where I was going, my gas tank was three-fourths full.”

- Danny Davis, evangelist, speaking at a revival meeting about one of God’s recent miracles, 1982.

Evangelist/faith healer Danny Davis recounted his experience of leaving another revival meeting, and finding he had only a fifth of a tank of gasoline in his car—not enough to complete his journey. He also found he had no money with him.

Sure, God helped him with gas, but that was 1982—long before the days of $4.00 gas.

Davis also shared other miracles with his crowd, including God’s dentistry abilities. At an event that occurred just a few days prior, 30 people had fillings suddenly appear in their teeth.

“One lady had 10 silver fillings appear,” he said. “I believe the Lord fills old teeth … because if He just made new teeth nobody would believe it.”

But will He also floss?

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