Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Samurai Savior.

“I went outside and spoke to God and he said they were Judas’s, to behead them, and to turn the sword and kill myself.”

- Antonie Dixon, on hacking two women with a samurai sword, New Zealand, 2005.

On the night of the beheading, Dixon said God appeared to him at his residence, which he shared with the two victims.

In court, he described why he hacked the women with a samurai sword: “They wouldn’t get on their hands and knees. They were meant to get on their hands and knees and I was meant to chop their hands off into the basket, the laundry basket was emptied upstairs and I put the laundry basket onto the floor.”

As a child, Dixon’s family attended the Jehovah’s Witness church. His mother was abusive, locking him up to a fence and molesting him. Dixon began to develop internal demons, as well as an ability to speak telepathically with dogs, who presumably spent time at the fence as well.

Dixon was found guilty of his crimes in 2005, but has been granted a re-trial.

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