Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holy Art Thou, Hermit.

“God told me that I must visit this church, as I have all the others, so that I could point out the errors and bring about the great reconciliation. He has chosen me His messenger to tell the peoples of the earth what is really true. I am the great comforter, I, sent by God: I am God’s chosen messenger, and as such I am greater than the President of the United States, greater than the new-crowned King, and my message I will deliver.”

- Ernst W. Heinrich, local hermit who lived outside of Sandfordtown, KY, 1911.

The hermit startled members of the Guardian Angel church as he walked down the aisle, clad in "picturesque home-made garments, with long, heavy flowing locks, and a bushy beard, half blonde, half gray." He planned to journey through the South with his message during the winter.

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