Sunday, August 10, 2008

X-Rated Vision.

“He said, ‘Ask her about her sex life.’”

- Pat Robertson, on how God helped him cure a woman’s asthma and save her marriage.

A woman came to Pat complaining about her asthma, which doctors attributed to her praying with nuns. Pat disagreed with this diagnosis.

With God’s intervention, he questioned the woman’s sex life, which forced her to admit she and her husband hadn’t been having sex because he’d been impotent. Prior to God’s question, she had maintained her marriage was otherwise perfectly fine—but she had been blaming herself for her husband’s impotence. Once Pat assured her it wasn’t her fault, they prayed to God to heal her asthma. According to Pat, He did.

It is unknown whether the session helped her husband overcome his little problem—knowing both God and all of Pat’s viewers knew all the limpy details.

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