Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thou Shalt Hit Over and Over and Over Again.

"God didn't say to mutilate her. He just said to hit her until she was dead."

- Harvey Louis Carignan, The Want-Ad Killer

Carignan described himself as “An instrument of God, one who was acting under His personal instructions. Murder, rape and mutilation are all part of a Grand Plan. God is a figure with a large hood and you can't see his face."

Known as the Want Ad Killer (having lured victims from the want ads) Harvey Louis Carignan of Fargo, North Carolina murdered at least five people, possible up to 18, in at least four different states from 1949 until his arrest in 1974. After kidnapping, beating, sexually assaulting, sodomizing, raping and/or choking his victims, he used a claw hammer to kill his victims.

God was not tried as an accomplice.

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